Remotgage in Brighton - Free Independant Mortgage Advice

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Welcome to Remortgage Brighton...


You will find information and links to mortgages, remortgages, home buying, property and moving in Brighton. You can also request a call-back from an independent mortgage broker in Brighton. Their advice is free and there is no obligation to take a mortgage with them.


How the Remortgage Brighton website works...


Use this site as a mortgage and property information resource.


Please click on the links we have provided that will take you to other selected websites that we
like that will have good information about mortgages, remortgaging, buying to let, home buying, property, moving in the Brighton area and much more.

Please also read the content we have here that explains the basics about mortgages, the
different types of mortgages and some of the pros and cons associated with each one.


Request a call back from an independent Brighton based mortgage broker. Don’t worry we promise we will not spam you or sell your details on >>


Please click on any of the request a call back links and you will be presented with a short form to complete.

Don’t worry we will not use your personal information to send you any marketing material whatsoever and we will not pass your details to any other organisation except the mortgage broker that will best be able to help you. 

You will be asked to supply a few basic pieces of information to enable us to select the best Brighton based independent mortgage broker for your particular situation. The form should only take two or three minutes to complete and you will receive a call back within the next two working days.


Why You Should Deal with an Independent Mortgage Advisor in Brighton

Because they are local to the area and a face to face meeting can easily be arranged.

Independent mortgage advisors have access to over three thousand mortgages and will find the right mortgage for you.  Mortgage advisors that are tied to one lender can only offer a limited choice and there is the danger that you might not get just the right mortgage for you.


Why we don’t have a mortgage calculator

We don’t have a mortgage calculator for three reasons

1. There are plenty of calculators on the websites for which we have links.

2. Our mortgage brokers are independent and are not tied to one mortgage lender.  This means they have access to over 3,000 different mortgages making the calculator too complicated and potentially inaccurate.

3. It is your detailed individual circumstances that will dictate the mortgages open to you and only by thoroughly explaining them to a mortgage advisor will you know which mortgages are right for you and which mortgages you can apply for. 

Even then it is not guaranteed that a particular lender will agree to lend to you even though it may appear initially that you qualify. I personally had to settle for my third choice lender after being turned down by the first two.


Why we don’t have a contact phone number

The most qualified person to talk to you about your individual circumstances and needs is an independent mortgage advisor. 

If you decide to complete the request a call back form a fully qualified and independent mortgage advisor will call you. 

You are under no obligation to take a mortgage through this advisor and as they are independent they will have access to the entire market and are not tied to just one companies mortgage products. This means they will not fit you to the mortgage they will fit the mortgage to you.

If you have any questions whatsoever about mortgages please submit a request and a fully qualified independent mortgage advisor will be able to answer them.